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Copy and move files extreme fast, it will auto optimize speed and resource base on structure
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26 August 2009

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While copying movies, large data files, archives, and other huge sized files, you often need to pour in your lot of time to get the task done. Due to this, you even have to suffer low PC performance which turns out to be irritating at times. Nevertheless, now there’s a solution available that can help you performing the content copying task at a faster pace. Dubbed as ExtremeCopy 1.3.0, it functions automatically while you perform any data copy-pasting task for its speedy completion. It displays a small window while copying/transferring the data and consists of extremely simple yet customizable configurations. The program even allows you to pause or resume the copying process anytime, if required. It’s an easily usable tool, which doesn’t require much efforts on your part.

Installing ExtremeCopy 1.3.0 is much easier and the program sets itself as your default copying function. The program functions to perform the content copying or moving task faster by optimizing the speed and the resource base. It can easily increase the file copying speed up to 20% to 120% in comparison the default Windows copying function. Further with Break Point feature, the program takes up the task further from the point where one or more files confront error or fail to copy. It simply would Pause file copy process, notify you of the failure, and would resume the task further or close it as per your specifications. While you copy a file, you’d be displayed a small blue window displaying destination folder’s name, and current and total task, along with speed, lapse time, and remain time rate. It also presents the option to pause the task or exit from it, if you want to cancel it. The configurations allow you to set the user interface style, and enable/disable features: As Explorer’s default copying; Top Most Window; Minimum To Task Bar Tray; and Play Sound when copy done.

ExtremeCopy 1.3.0 is capable of speeding up the copying process for large sized files, thus saving much of your precious time. The program has justifiably been marked at 4 rating points for its effective and prompt functioning and smooth operations.

Publisher's description

* Faster. ExtremeCopy copy and move files extreme fast, it will auto optimize speed and resource base on structure of physical machine,so it will as fast as possible, especially copy big files, it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than Windows copying function.
* Break point. It no need full copy/move the whole task if encounter one file copy fail, ExtremeCopy just pause and tell you problem occure and will not exit task until you close this task. Once the problem fixed, you just only click 'Countiue' that ExtremeCopy will copy task from this break point.
* Controllable. You can pause/resume copy process when you need. And remain time will be calculated and display exactly
* Simply. The operation of copy/move files as simple as Windows default copying, you no need do anything once you installed ExtremeCopy which will replace Windows copying function as default, or change this default setting when you need. User Interface looks simple and friendly.
* Multiple Languages. Support multiple country languages of file name in order to keep original language text of file name
Version 1.3
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excellent tool. very fast and easy to use, Thanks
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